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Basic Linux Commands

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2013 01:06PM MST
sudo (command) : This will give you the ability to execute commands as the superuser.
pwd : Shows your current directory
cd (directory) : This allows you to Change your current Directory
clear : This clears the text on your screen.
ls (directory) : This will list all the file names in your current directory

ls -l (directory) : Shows a more detailed list.
more (filename) : Prints out the contents of a file.
cp (source) (copy) : This will copy the contents of the source file into a destination file.
mv (filename) (directory) : This will move (essentially cut and paste) the file to the named directory.
rm (filename) : Removes the specified file.
touch (filename) : This will create a basic file.
mkdir (directory) : This will create a directory.
find / -name (filename) : This will search your whole computer for a file
man (command) : This is the “manual.” This will show you detailed information about a specific command.
top : View current running services on your server.
df -h : View disk space of your server (in human readable format)
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