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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2014 11:05AM MST
The Standing Cloud platform provides a unique and useful method for creating clones of your deployed applications.  

In some cases it may prove to be useful to create an exact duplicate of an existing application.  

For example:

If you would like to test out changes to your deployment without affecting a live site/application, creating an exact duplicate of that application and testing changes there is a much safer action.

If you would like to use an existing deployment as a template to begin building a new app, this feature can provide a good starting point.

NOTE:  All clones are exactly the same in every way with the exception of the assigned web address.
Two deployments cannot have the same URL.  Therefore, we assign a different address to the cloned app.  You may then change the name to something more suitable for you.  Additionally, any extra packages that may have been installed to your server while acting as the Supervisor are NOT backed up and therefore will NOT be included in the new server.  

Steps to clone an application are as follows:

1.  Create a fresh backup of your deployment.  You will be prompted to choose from a list of recent backups to create the cloned deployment so it's best to have the most recent data.  The "Back Up Now" option is found in the Application Actions Menu.

2.  Once the backup has completed, you may then select the "clone" option from the Application Actions Menu.

3.  Select a backup archive to clone from, a new (or existing server), and then press the "Start Hosting" button to begin the process.

The system will then begin installing a fresh instance of your app and restore the data from the backup archive that you selected.  When the process is complete, the status of the application will be "Running" and you may then use your deployment.

NOTE:  The system will NOT allow you to clone a deployment that has been assigned a Domain Alias to the "Existing Server".  This is to prevent duplication of public domain aliases on the same server.  If you have a deployment that you wish to clone to the same server, you will need to remove any aliases that are assigned to it first.  Once the clone has begun installing, you may then add the alias back to the original deployment.

If you have any questions regarding this, please don't hesitate to contact support.

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