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Modify the 'www' CNAME and then forward the top-level domain to 'www'

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2013 03:10PM MST

Using GoDaddy

Modifying the 'www' CNAME

  1. From, click on the domain that you want to modify.  This should bring up a new page
  2. In the middle of the page, under the "DNS Manager" heading, click on the "launch" link.  This will take you to GoDaddy's "DNS Manager" page
  3. In the middle of the page, under the "CNAME (Alias)" heading, click on the "www" host.  This will make it so that you may edit the row to modify the "www" CNAME
    1. If there is not a "www" host under the "CNAME (Alias)" heading, you will have to create a new CNAME.  Simply click on the "Quick Add" button at the bottom of the "CNAME (Alias)" section
  4. Modify the row so you have the following information
    1. Host: www
    2. Points to: << Your Standing Cloud "Application Web Address" ( the URL / Domain Name for your server ) >>
      1. For example:
    3. TTL: 1 hour
  5. Click the "Save Zone File" button near the top-right of the screen
To confirm that you have correctly configured the 'www' CNAME for your domain, simply visit and verify that this is the same site you see when click the "Go" button on Standing Cloud's Console.  For example, if you owned, you would need to visit
Forward the top-level domain to 'www'
Using the example above, if you were to visit instead of, you probably will not see the website that you are looking for.  You still need to forward the top-level domain to your "www" CNAME.
  1. From, check the checkbox next to the domain that you want to modify
  2. Click on the "Forward" button and select "Forward Domain".  This will bring up a "Forwarding and Masking" dialog box
  3. Ensure that 'http://' is shown rather than 'https://' ( unless you know what you are doing )
  4. In the text box, enter your domain name with the "www" CNAME in front of it.  So, if your domain name is, you would enter in
  5. Ensure that the "Update my DNS settings to support this change." checkbox is checked
  6. Click on the "Advanced Options" link.  This will show some hidden options
    1. Select the "Forward Only" radio button
      1. For the "Redirect Type:" choose the "I am permanently forwarding this domain." option
  7. Click on the "OK" button
Usually within an hour you should be able to visit your top level domain.

Tell Standing Cloud about your domain:

Since we now allow users to install multiple applications on a single server, you need to tell Standing Cloud's system about your domain name (so that our servers know which application to serve when you send a request through a certain domain).
  1. Log into Standing Cloud's system. (
  2. From the "My Applications" page, click on the down arrow of your application to expand the "Options" section.
    1. The "My Applications" page is shown when you first log in; you may also click the "my applications" link from the navigation menu on the top-right of the screen.
  3. Click on the "Customize Domain Name" link.
  4. Enter your domain name in the "Domain Name" field. (For example: '')
  5. Click on the "UPDATE" button.
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