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Last Updated: Feb 04, 2013 03:38PM MST

Gaining Root access to your server

In order to provide the built-in, managed services for your application, which are core to Standing Cloud's offering -- such as automated backups, ability to 1-click restore, automated restores, automated monitoring, and easy scaling and datacenter moves, etc. -- we need your installed applications to maintain a particular, pre-set configuration.  We don't automatically offer root access to you, because most of the changes you would make as root would circumvent (i.e. break) this configuration, which would then prevent our system from providing these services for your installed application(s).

We understand that you may be most comfortable performing actions on your application as root, and we are certainly willing to grant root access to you if you need it.  Should we grant you root access, though, please note that the changes you make as root likely will not be included in your backups, may break your automated backups, may end your ability to easily move to a different server (or datacenter), and may remove the ability for your application to be restored automatically.  

Standing Cloud is striving to turn system administration into software.  If there are tasks you commonly perform as root that our service does not currently offer, please let us know.  We would very much appreciate the opportunity to turn those tasks into simple clicks, in order to make your (and potentially other customers') lives far easier. Also, on occasion, tasks you can perform as root can be accomplished using one or more of the features already available to you within our service.  We'd be glad to review your root needs and see if alternate methods to perform those tasks currently exist.

If you would like to request root access to your server, please contact
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