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Last Updated: Feb 04, 2013 04:26PM MST
By default the Standing Cloud platform automatically backs up your deployment every 24 hours.  
In the "Options" section of the Admin Console, you can change the frequency of the backups.  Your options are 24, 12, 6, or 1 hour.
Backup Frequency

Additionally, you may trigger a backup manually any time you'd like by accessing the "Backup" option available in the "Application Actions Menu"

Manual Backup

What EXACTLY is backed up?

All directories and files found in your /home/ directory are included in each backup.

However, any file that requires root access to modify or add, or requires Standing Cloud Technical Support to change for you is NOT part of any backup.

Here is a list of some of the main configuration files that are NOT part of what is backed up:
NOTE:  Unless you have requested and received root access... these files are never changed by your deployment and therefore NOT needed during a restore.

/var/www/system_user/conf/system_user.conf  <--- the configuration file related to your deployment (not accessible by customers)

~/.config/system/  <--- the hidden config file directory in your home directory.  All files in here are ignored on backups.

~/tmp <-- your temporary directory

If you have questions regarding specific files and directories related to your deployment and want to know if they are included in backups, please contact Support.

NOTE:  Although the backup functionality of the platform is absolutely free and you are welcome to generate as many backups as often as you'd like, please keep in mind that backups are offloaded from your server to a secure repository immediately after they are generated.  Here, they are stored for up to 30 days before being flushed from the repository.  The bandwidth that is used to offload your backup does count towards your overall bandwidth usage.  If you have a large deployment and subsequent large backups... your bandwidth usage may be higher than expected.  Please keep this in mind when choosing the frequency of your backups.

If you have more questions regarding backups, please contact Support.

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