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Full Domain Name Required

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2013 10:20AM MDT
You have your application installed, configured, and ready for use to the public.  However, when you visit the public domain name you've assigned using our CNAME instructions, you receive a message stating: 
"This server is running properly, but either has no applications
installed, or has multiple applications, in which case the full domain
name will need to be used to access the application."


​What's causing this?

The reason you see this message is because you have more than one application on the server and the app you are trying to view (using the public domain name) does not have everything configured correctly.

In order to correct this, enter the public domain name you are using for the site (with a CNAME) in to the field in the admin console marked:  

In this example, I have a site that I want visitors to access by going to the address:
Once I have created a CNAME with my DNS provider so that visitors of that domain are redirected to the web address the Standing Cloud system assigns the deployment, I then need to enter my public domain name in the "Manage Domain Alias".

Once you have entered your domain name, press Save.  The system will then configuration your deployment so that visitors can access your site using the public domain name.

If you have trouble with this feature or further questions... contact support.

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