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Upgrade an Application

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2013 03:50PM MST
If you find that a newer version of your application is now available in the Standing Cloud catalog, upgrading your application can be managed with just a few clicks.

If the application you are hosting is available for an upgrade, you'll notice that the "upgrade" option in the "Application Actions Menu" is enabled.

Begin the upgrade process by clicking "upgrade".

You will then be presented with three options.  Upgrade, Preview, or Close.  You may begin upgrading your existing application immediately by selecting "Upgrade".

The upgrade "Preview" option allows you to upgrade an exact duplicate (clone) of your app on a new server to ensure there will be no negative impact to your deployment, while leaving your original app untouched during the process.  This process will provision a brand new server, restore from the most recent backup on file for your application, and then upgrade the application.  

At that time, you may then make the decision if the upgrade will not harm your live deployment and repeat the steps to upgrade your original application.

Lastly, you may choose Close to cancel the upgrade and close this box.

NOTE:  The upgrade option will ALWAYS upgrade your app to the most recent version.  There is no option to upgrade to versions newer than your app, but not the most recent version.
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