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Last Updated: Feb 07, 2013 11:43AM MST
Want an easy way to find out all of the PHP information about your server?

All you need to do is create a phpinfo.php file and place it in your htdocs directory.

Begin by opening the web terminal

From the command line, change to the htdocs directory by typing:

cd htdocs

NOTE:  If you are on an old server, you may have a public_html directory rather than htdocs.  If so, change to that directory and continue with the following steps.

Create a new PHP file named phpinfo by typing:

vi phpinfo.php

NOTE:  The Vi editor is the default editor on all Standing Cloud provisioned servers but you may use Nano by typing:  nano phpinfo.php

Add the following line of code to the first line of your new file.
Press the letter i to tell the Vi editor you want to "insert" .. and then either type or paste (using the browser's paste option) the following code.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Press the escape key to exit the "insert" mode.

Save the file (in the Vi editor) by typing: 

NOTE:  This command tells the Vi editor to Write (w) .. and Quit (q).  This will save the file and exit the editor.

Now you may view all of your PHP information by browsing to this new file from your browser using the URL of your deployment followed by a slash ( / ) and the filename (phpinfo.php)


It is not recommended to leave this file in your htdocs folder as it provides a lot of information about server and deployment that could be used against you.  If you do not need the file, it is a good idea to remove it once you have found the information you are looking for.
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